Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Eats Around Sg

Nonya Kueh Lapis
Albert Hawker Centre, Bugis

Melted Cheese Sandwich
The Sandwich Shop

Sambal Sotong & Claypot Chicken
East Coast Food Centre

Korean Pancake
(Somewhere in Raffles Place)

Korean Steamboat
(Same Somewhere In Raffles Place)

Cheese Plate

The Prata Place

The Prata Place

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Zealand: Christchurch Sunday Market

 Sunday Lunch

Staying at Carol's for a couple of weeks, it was inevitable we would fall into certain routines, one of which was visiting the farmers' markets that are held every weekend. Here are some pics from our weekly outings.

 French Fare


Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Zealand: Rotorua & Wellington

 Caper's Cafe

If you stay at the YHA Rotorua, you'll get not only a clean and pleasantly family-friendly environment  in which to rest your weary head and feet, but also a drinks voucher at the local pub and a coffee voucher at a popular Rotorua joint, Capers Cafe.

Gourmet Offerings

Here it was my Mum and I had our aromatic cuppas as we sat by the window and watched the world, or the town, go by. We weren't hungry at the time, but if you should find yourself in the neighborhood I highly recommend you give this place a shot, if my shots above isn't enough, the mad lunchtime crowd will gladly attest to the quality of food they offer here.

Dinner Burrito

 The other perk about staying at the YHA, a sandwich press! I made my first burrito there, had it before, not sure Mum had before then. She liked it. Gave it 2 thumbs up. ;)

Welly Feed

Our last port of call in the South Island was Wellington, and wherever our paths take us (in NZ, at least) steak follows. Here you have thick cut, succulent and juicy medium rare steaks with 2 salads: pasta and Greek, and 2 soups: cream of mushroom and a clear veg broth. Have Mum, will travel and be fed well. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Zealand: Maori Feast

Traditional Hangi

Here's another gem, on our trip up to Rotorua on the South Island, I managed to coerce my dear old Mum into joining a Maori adventure, complete with a tour of Tamaki Maori Village followed by dinner and a performance in the manner of their culture. But really, it was the Hangi I was after.

A traditional Maori method of cooking, the Hangi is like a barbie, only cooked underground. Yessirree, dig a hole in the ground, fill it with hot coats/rocks, place your foil-wrapped food amongst the heat, cover with more smoldering coals, cover for several hours for the slow heat to work its magic. 

From The Earth To Your Table

Going Going Gone