Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fremental: Little Creatures Heaven

Little Creature's Feed

The Little Creature's brewery at Fremental, just a little way South of Perth, is a piece of heaven on Earth. The smell of hops and barley brewing 24/7 greets you as you enter the imposing brew house, bringing to mind  the best cereal you can possibly have for breakfast. And what a way to start any meal with.

The beer is light, refreshing, very fruity (in my amateurish opinion) and fresh from the brewery to the tap to your ice-cold glass. To go with your perfect beer, the place does what few other pubs and breweries even try to come close to: they offer food that are 2 cuts above decent.

Forgive my pictures for not doing the food justice, but take my word for it, pay Little Creatures a visit and you'll leave with a big serve of satisfaction, guaranteed.

Kangaroo Kebab

Lamb Pizza

Sticky Date Pudding

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Coral Bay

Dining Under The Skies

Mention Australia and the Great Barrier Reef would be atop any traveler's list. Largest reef system in the world, it offers a sight so spectacular far flung visitors flock by the millions to see it each year. So naturally we chose to go against the grind and opted to visit the 2nd largest reef colony at Ningaloo Reef. Cry "Sacrilege!" all you want, but jostling with mad summer crowds and whiny kids on my total-chill-out holiday - so not my thing.

Apart from having a pristine beach and vividly colorful reefs all to yourself (with only a hundred or so like-minded and wise holiday makers to share the views with), the pub grub is pretty good too. Nothing better to end a long day of sun, sand and sea with. Or in our case, snorkeling with the fishes in what feels like a life size aquarium.

Succulent Fish & Chips

Testimony To Delicious

Coral Bay Cookout 1
Fresh Local Fish & Salsa

Coral Bay Cookout 2
Lamp Chops EatALong

Can't resist cooking meat on the barbie. And the backpackers at Coral Bay offers the perfect pit for our cookout.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Lazy Days

This is odd, I cannot find any information on the net about this next spot. Pity, it was a gastronomical highlight of our trip, a little cafe situated in the township Aboriginal gallery. Such is the consequence of relaying information a year after the fact. 

Trust me, there does exist a gallery at the edge of town with an in-house cafe that serves as training ground for aboriginal teens, equipping them with skills to run a cafe and find employment in the industry. While supporting this worthy cause may be sufficient reason for you to patronize the Yallibbidi Cafe, the food itself will have you coming back for more. 

To start the coffee was amazing, compared to many dismal specimens we had on the trip, the brew here is aromatic, strong with oomph, a sign of good things to come.

Superb Salad

Sweet, cold baby tomatoes and fresh boccocini, perfectly season, the perfect respite from the summer heat.

Bush Tapas Plate
A Must Try

Kangaroo's Tail

The reason for our visit: I had to try kangaroo, and let me tell you, nowhere else in Australia have I seen kangaroo tail being served. Sweet and tender, braised to perfection. Oh so good. 

Kangaroo Lasagna

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cottleslow Bay

Fuel For The Jet-lagged

Simon and I embarked on a (food) adventure in Western Australia about a year ago. I know, please forgive my tardiness. 

Upon arriving in Perth, jet-lagged and famished, our first port of call was Cottleslow Bay, a breezy seaside spot popular with the weekend crowd; and no wonder, with the warm waters and white sandy beach, not to mention the cafes lining the beach, serving hardy, mouthwatering brunches, the perfect place to begin our Aussie adventure.

 Spicy Beans  & Chorizo

Sunshine Srambled Eggs