Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fremental: Little Creatures Heaven

Little Creature's Feed

The Little Creature's brewery at Fremental, just a little way South of Perth, is a piece of heaven on Earth. The smell of hops and barley brewing 24/7 greets you as you enter the imposing brew house, bringing to mind  the best cereal you can possibly have for breakfast. And what a way to start any meal with.

The beer is light, refreshing, very fruity (in my amateurish opinion) and fresh from the brewery to the tap to your ice-cold glass. To go with your perfect beer, the place does what few other pubs and breweries even try to come close to: they offer food that are 2 cuts above decent.

Forgive my pictures for not doing the food justice, but take my word for it, pay Little Creatures a visit and you'll leave with a big serve of satisfaction, guaranteed.

Kangaroo Kebab

Lamb Pizza

Sticky Date Pudding

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