Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Zealand: Kaikora

 Lone Seafood Stand

If I had to pick my favorite spot on Earth, Kaikora, New Zealand may very well be it. Standing along the edge of the road, looking out to the South Pacific Ocean, strong, cold sea breeze in my face, seals and walruses perched on a rock to my right, sunning themselves. To my far left, the majestic snow capped Kaikora Ranges peaking in the clouds and behind me, more mountains where wild sheep graze. Simply magical.

What A Barbie!
Lunch By The Ocean

Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Zealand: Cooking At Carol's

 Cherries From Carol's

Here's a blast from the past, gastronomic pictorials from a trip my Mum and I took a couple of years ago to Christchurch, visiting my cousin Carol.

In her backyard, a 3-storey tall cherry tree, bombarded daily by pesky birds. We'd net off the tree to deter the feathered opportunists, and pick what we can eat. Better us than them.

New Zealand's Finest

Meals at Carol's were simple affairs. That's not to say they weren't made with attention and care, and often great fuss and fun. Simplicity is subjective. Some days it would be a meat and 3 veg affair, case in point New Zealand sirloin, lamb sausages, homegrown roast tomato salad and baked potatoes. I also cooked my first roast beef there, complete with kamura aka sweet potatoes once again harvested from Carol's backyard. 

Zucchini Cake & Muffins

Pavlova With Fresh Berries & Kiwis

We spent Christmas there that summer. Like Australia, they have summers in December and winters in June, and that's not the only thing they share in common with Down Under. They both claim to have created the pavlova: a heavenly light concoction of airy meringue filled with whipped cream and fresh seasonal fruits. And since it was here in New Zealand I first tasted the pav, they have my vote on this one. So simple, so good. A white Christmas indeed.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Russian Bits & Bites

Breakfast Of Russian Champions

Here are more pics of Russian eats. Above, a sandwich / wrap joint popular with the morning crowd looking for a quick bite before the start of another work day. I treated myself to a salmon and sour cream wrap. :D

Baked Potatoes & Pelmini (Dumplings)

Being a fan of baked potatoes, I was pleasantly surprised to find street carts all over Moscow and St. Petersburg selling freshly baked tatties with an incredibly large array of fillings and toppings. My pick: smoked salmon and sour cream. Yes, again.

Tortes & Slices

Porridge For Brekkie & Indian For Dinner

Subway...It's International

The only difference between these subs and those back home? Mushrooms, man! Mushrooms!

Popular BBQ Item


Prah-Schahy, Russia! Farewell.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Russian Supermart

Russian & Proud Of It!

I love supermarkets. Wherever I visit I always make it a point to shop at not only the local wet markets but their superdupermarkets as well. Strolling along the aisles is the easiest way to learn how the locals eat, from their traditional foods to the latest flavor in favor.

Their selection of breads is outstanding, as you can see, mostly rye and whole grain, hearty and healthy.

Deli Delicious & Dreamy Desserts

Salad ia a staple of the Russian diet, and on the other end of the spectrum, creamy cakes, or tortes, as they are more commonly called.

Classic Blinis

Ah, you mustn't forget the blinis now, they can be found everywhere and filled with every imaginable delights from the savoury meat and mushrooms to sour cream and jam. 

Sweet Memories

A little souvenir of a Russian snack, a thick pastry with a dense minced fruit filling. To sweet memories of my Russian food trail.