Sunday, May 2, 2010

Russian Supermart

Russian & Proud Of It!

I love supermarkets. Wherever I visit I always make it a point to shop at not only the local wet markets but their superdupermarkets as well. Strolling along the aisles is the easiest way to learn how the locals eat, from their traditional foods to the latest flavor in favor.

Their selection of breads is outstanding, as you can see, mostly rye and whole grain, hearty and healthy.

Deli Delicious & Dreamy Desserts

Salad ia a staple of the Russian diet, and on the other end of the spectrum, creamy cakes, or tortes, as they are more commonly called.

Classic Blinis

Ah, you mustn't forget the blinis now, they can be found everywhere and filled with every imaginable delights from the savoury meat and mushrooms to sour cream and jam. 

Sweet Memories

A little souvenir of a Russian snack, a thick pastry with a dense minced fruit filling. To sweet memories of my Russian food trail.

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