Sunday, May 9, 2010

Russian Bits & Bites

Breakfast Of Russian Champions

Here are more pics of Russian eats. Above, a sandwich / wrap joint popular with the morning crowd looking for a quick bite before the start of another work day. I treated myself to a salmon and sour cream wrap. :D

Baked Potatoes & Pelmini (Dumplings)

Being a fan of baked potatoes, I was pleasantly surprised to find street carts all over Moscow and St. Petersburg selling freshly baked tatties with an incredibly large array of fillings and toppings. My pick: smoked salmon and sour cream. Yes, again.

Tortes & Slices

Porridge For Brekkie & Indian For Dinner

Subway...It's International

The only difference between these subs and those back home? Mushrooms, man! Mushrooms!

Popular BBQ Item


Prah-Schahy, Russia! Farewell.

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