Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy new Year 2008!!! Ho Chi Minh Take 2

Chinatown Street Vendor

I decided to usher in the New Year in Ho Chi Minh city. Why? Why not? :)

New Year's Eve was spent in Chinatown, checking out the grub. Chinatown it is, teaming with food stalls selling familiar food, Vietnamese versions of Chinese food, if you will.

Carrot Cake

Most familiar of all was this carrot cake, Vietnam style i.e. small serving with lots of roughage and Nước Mấm at the side. Yum-mee.

Vietnamese our friend...especially in the morning...

Bánh xèo

Ok, here's where I spice things up. There was something on my list which, I am ashamed to say, I missed out on my previous visit. I atoned for my folly by rightfully hunting down the one great place for Bánh xèo, the only shop locals swear by. So sacred and secretive is the place I cannot reveal its location to you, for I have destroyed the tiny scrap of paper where the location was scribbled on. Yes, I lost it.

Why Bánh xèo? Well, I love crepes, and Bánh xèo is basically a crepe made of rice flour, tumeric, shrimps, fatty pork, onions, and sometimes, mushrooms, fried in coconut oil. Wait, that's not all. It is then wrapped in lettuce and loads of various local herbs, and dipped in
Nước Mấm or sweet fermented peanut butter sauce.

Crepe in peanut butter, what's there not to love? Have I mentioned the peanut butter? :D

Happy 2008!

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