Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lunch For The Blood, Dessert For The Soul

Vegetable Terrine

Baby G and I tried out a new place this week. Well, it is not exactly new, it's been there for a while, I've walked passed the place, looked in with some interest, and walked on by. With a name like "Food For Your Blood Type" across the panels, it was not exactly beckoning a ravenous lunch time crowd.

Then again, it promotes light, healthy, filling fare, which is how a workday lunch should be. So we dived in, gave it a shot, and here is our verdict.

The vegetable terrine sat pretty on the place, alongside some equally veggie mighty salad. It was a cold dish that tasted pretty good, retaining both the fresh colors and flavors of the veggies.

Scrambled Eggs On Toast

Organic scrambled eggs and sweet potato fries. Yummy and yummy. I love eggs, whatever the form, as long as it is done right. And these were done right, although I honestly could not tell the difference from these organic eggs and the normal farm fresh ones we always get. I have not gotten on the organic wagon yet.

Overall verdict was favorable, but with a bill coming to more than S$50, it was not as light on our wallets as it was for our happy bellies.

Curry Dolce At Ricciotti

Life is about balance, maintaining the Ying and Yang of the universe, hence Baby G and I had some good-for-the-soul-desserts that night to counter the good-for-the-blood-type lunch we had. (Notice we skipped deserts at the Blood Type joint.)

Dig In!

Ricciotti has some pretty creative desserts, and we went for the curry dolce, he most unique sounding flavor on the menu. Unfortuntately it did not deliver as we had hoped. The white chocolate ricotta filling was light but tasteless. Sitting on a chocolate oil sugar dough (they should simply call it a disc of chocolate biscuit coz that was what it was and what it tasted of), we could not pick up any spicy kick we were expected, the single curry leave nonwithstanding.

The desserts are delicated created and presented, if only they gave as much thought to the taste as well. Good thing we had pizza for dinner just before!

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