Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Bit Of Singapore in Dubai Raffles

White Orchids in Azur

We had team building events lined up for the week, the highlight of my trip here. Imagine my surprise to learn they would be held at the Singapore flagship, Raffles Dubai Hotel.

The hotel has been built to resemble a 19 storey pyramid, complete with enormous Egyptian columns lining its spacious lobby and pair of stately looking Sphinxes guarding its grand entrance. Fodors dub it "The crowning glory of Wafi City's ancient Egyptian design theme, this majestic glass pyramid". I call it hilariously tacky and over the top cheesy. To each his own.

Breakfast in Raffles Dubai

Thank goodness we would be spending the week inside the hotel, away from the desert heat and the ridiculous eyesore of a structure. Enough bashing for now, we move on.

Still, it is quite a pride evoking sight, seeing the home flag from the conference room windows.

Appetizers & Naans cooked in a Wood Fire Oven

As far as team building activities go, nothing serves to bond fellow men as swiftly and strongly as a good meal shared over beer. Unfortunately no alcohol was served at this luncheon of esteemed colleagues, but to that end we had a leisurely afternoon spread in the international Azur restaurant.

Your typical international cuisine presents itself, from western salads, roasts and cheese to local specialties such as kebabs, olives and flat breads.

Lunch Spread in Azur

In true 5 star style the restaurants does not disappoint. The variety is plentiful enough to satisfy our contingent of 20 strong and diverse tastes, all prepared with exceptional quality and classically laid out in the same clean manner as the restaurant decor.

Dainty Desserts

I would have liked for more local desserts in the spread, although they did have some Middle Eastern pastries such as baklava and their amazing version of bread and butter pudding, Om Ali.

Hi Tea

So all you do is eat? I hear you cry. Well we were hard at work, I'll have you know, building team spirit and boosting company morale, all with chest thumping gusto, but I will not bore you with the details. You want to read about the food.

Well, the food was good, but not particularly outstanding for a Singapore girl visiting a land exotic by her accounts. I hope to fare better by you, when I go exploring in the days to come.

Not me. The cake.

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your sis said...

Looks nice. Much better compared to the barren desert outside.