Saturday, January 6, 2007

Cinnamon Tartlet Rolls

What better way to welcome a New Year morning than with home made rolls? These babies are simple enough to whip up on a lazy Sunday morning, and smell divine, thanks to the liberal sprinkling of cinnamon under, in between and all over.

Rather than your usual hearty roll, these were half the size and twice as adorable. I opted out of the usual sugar glaze as I wanted the rolls to come to their own, basking in all their cinny goodness.

The results were a pleasant surprise. Rather than hide under a blanket of syrupy glaze, the rolls rose proudly atop a base of cinnamon buttercream, dolloped into the bottom of the pan. I was worried about a soggy base, but the rolls absorbed the flavored cream nicely in the baking, and the result was a light, pastry-like crust all around, and a moist and tender crumb in the middle.

These little delights were light and easy to eat, definitely on my list of entrees to try the next time we host a party.

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