Saturday, March 3, 2007

Chilli Cheese con Chica

Baby G, who was assiduously watching me work on my salad, decided to have a go with his version this week. "Ideas were just forming in my head man!" he gushed. How then, not to take up the challenge?

Original his ideas are, ingenius in every way, and delicious through and through. It's a 3 course adventure on a plate, with texture and flavors flying in all direction, leaving the diners intrigued and their taste buds delighted every step of the way.

Falling back on our noodle theme, Baby G cooked a combination of vermicelli and yellow noodles, drizzled extra virgin olive oil to keep them springy, and here's the first of many a new twist: He sprinked the fiery piths and seeds of the Thai red chillis on the top. Intrigued, I watched on...

Next up, he lightly seared some tofu to give them a crispy skin in the most luscious tinge of golden perfection. To that he added sweet sour sauce and stewed them for the flavors to come together.

Then came the super whammer, Chilli Cheese and Chica (creator gets naming rights). Simply put, it was mozzerella baked in chilli. The idea stumped me, coz never till the end of time would I have ever thought of it! Sure I love my chilli and adore my cheese but to have the twine meet? Meet they did, and their flavors intertwined beautifully.

Slices of cheese tucked into the cavities of the chillis and into the over they went. The aroma that filled the room was just out of this world! Nothing hits you like roasted chillies, add to that the savory aroma of meltign cheese, you're in heaven, baby.

Plate the spiced noodles with the lightly seared tofu in sweet sour stew, and lay the spicy chilli babies on. Sprinke with toasted sweet nuts of your choice, a dash of pepper, and you're in business!

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