Saturday, September 29, 2007

Senses, Hilton KL

I had the luck of taste to dine at the acclaimed Senses restaurant in Hilton Kuala Lumpur recently. OK, not so recently, think half a year back? So whilst the taste buds not longer tingle with the fresh memories of flavors, the mind recalls with fondness, and with a little help from my friend, my 3.2 mp camera phone. So here goes:

The usual bread filler with the now trendy mini baguette, a healthy smear of French slightly salted butter, and a pomegranate and cranberry punch. We all need some goodness to balance out the butter every now and then.

Cream of White Asparagus with Seared Scallop and Edemame

A choice of soups and I went with the white asparagus coz Baby G had the same thing just the previous night. Also a good time as any to try the snowy white green (pardon the pun) for the first time.

The soup was light despite the cream base, and the scallop balanced the sublimity with its subtle sweetness, almost a perfect slurp sans the edemame, hard and tasteless. They were probably added in for color, although a better contrast for taste and texture could have found its purpose in a few kernels of lightly caramelised corn kernels?

Lightly Seared Seabass, Spinach Spetzels,

Saffron Couscous, Curry Foam and Curried Mussels

Quite a mouthful, on both tongue and palette. The fish was a tad dry and over done, the spetzels carried no hint of spinach, but the foam was fun to have and all elements managed to come together quite beautifully, texture and color wise.

And a surprise dessert...

Gosh I loved the truffles and coffee, any meal that concludes with a good cuppa cannot do too wrong by me. That said, dining at Senses was sublime, the service excellent and the food well worth a try. I will probably do a return visit for the other items on the menu so stay tuned.

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