Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Moomba, Singapore

Baby G and I had dinner at The Moomba, an Australian inspired restaurant sitting pretty by the Singapore river. Think Aussie chow, furry koalas and doe eyed kangaroos hop into mind, but PETA fans, breathe easy, for no fur was shed on our dinner account. Not on this night, anyway.

Char-grilled Portobello
on eggplant caponata with roasted potato and sauteed spinach

I liked this dish, although for the love of me, could not understand why it took the kitchen more than 30 minutes to fry the fries when the restaurant was nary packed with the early dinner crowd, unless you consider 2 tables a crowd. However, once the dish was plated and delivered, all was forgiven.

Oh my, every cube of potato was a gem, crunchy on all sides sans the grease as they were baked, not fried, and baked to perfection they were. Soft, piping hot flesh burst out of their crusty exterior with every bite, dancing in harmony with the eggplant caponata in my mouth.

The portobello was meaty and cooked al dente, as mushrooms should, and although the spinach was on the bland side, the entire ensemble came together quite nicely. (See diagram above)

Tomato Risotto
with marinated olive leaves and gratinated ashgrove smoked cheddar

Hands down one of the best risotto we have tried. Cheesy, creamy, seasoned just right, and have I mentioned cheesy?

The cheddar did not carry its smoky characteristic, unfortunately, but it was saved by its generous serving which ensured every spoonful of risotto had a healthy portion of cheddar which went a long way with the basil (one of my favorite herbs) and oven roasted tomatoes that just burst in your mouth.

All in all, a more than decent place for Aussies and veggies alike. Check out their menu, prices are slightly above average, but well worth trying on a special occasion, when they will be more than glad to recommend the wines to go with your orders.

Last note on a not least first course, their bread basket's not free, but you cannot give their walnut loaf a miss, hot from the oven, a perfect introduction of the understated yet satisfying flavors to follow.

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