Saturday, September 29, 2007

Miss Read, KL

Potato Cubes with the "Trimmings"

Dainty bites before the big guns. As usual I needed my tatos with all the sauces the place can provide. Spotted mustard by the bottle and promptly requested for one, along with mayo and tartar, just for comparison, you understand.

The tatos were nothing much to speak about, they were lightly fried and not too greasy, but bland. The army of sauces did little to liven things up.

Walnut Pasta

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my best picture to date. The clarity, contrast and color captured near perfection in my books, for those who don't know better they may think I am swooning over a carat. But I remain focused and on track.

Taste wise, this is also one of the best pasta I have tasted. Walnut pasta is indigenous to a remote part of Italy and not readily found in many Italian restaurants, maybe coz it sounds unusual and unfamiliar. A real pity, for forays into the unknown has its own rewards, so you can imagine my delight when I saw this on their menu.

The sauce was made with, well, walnut, and enriched with mascapone, which gave it a most lusciously creamy body without imposing on the walnut's subtle fragrance. Mushrooms played the second supporting role, alongside parsley juliennes that lifted the entire dish to a delightful finish.

Mac & cheese

Oh you would think this to be the simplest, least exciting dish of the night, but it turned out to be way more than the name promised. 4 cheese sauce so thick, rich, creamy and stringy, as cheese should be. What more can I say, the picture says it all. Bon appetite!

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