Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bolly Bolly Bollywood! Day 1

Clockwise From The Top: Red Onions, Carrot Pickle, Chutney, Papad
Onion Rings, Russian Salad, Dahi Batata Puri

I have survived the long flight, the crazy immigration, the heat and the pollution, and now I shall feast!

Our hotel resides at the end of the Queen's Necklace, aka Chowpatty Beach. Along this said stretch is Baby G's chief recommendation, Cream Centre, which I made sure to check out before all others. I Want Indian Food, and I Want Them All! And Cream Centre does just that.

I went with the Thali Set, a great introduction to the highlights of Mumbai cuisine. It consists of no less than 15 items, including breads, starters, mains, chutneys etc. I ordered away, expecting the portions to be small but decent. I did mention the
15 items, right?

Holy Cow! When the first set of food was served (see Exhibit A above), I was stunned and almost embarrassed, and if that didn't turn me maroon red, notice I said first set.

From The Front: Lachcha Tawa Paratha, Raita, Paneer Makhani
Amritsari Vegetable Korma, Dal Makhani, Leera Rice

"All these just for me? You sure you got the right table? Really? Oh, you're too kind!" On and On I went with the waiter, until I was assured it wasn't a mistake and that no one would come and take my food away halfway through my meal/feast/food orgy.

I love Indian veg, and this was a dream come true. Many items new to my ears, every flavor to my taste buds. The oddity of the ensemble, as you may have noticed, is the Russian Salad. Who knew, this is actually one of the most popular salads in Mumbai?

Have I mentioned desserts? :P

Chaas & Vanilla Choc Hot Fudge Nut Sundae

Against A Bollywood Boulevard Sunset

Behold! The Great Thali Menu, A Menu Made of Dreams

Pav Bhaaji

Across the road is the famous Chowpatty Beach, and the even more famouser Chowpatty Beach Night Market. Oh yeah, I'm talking more food. Just. Talking. Nothing more can go the other way in my mouth.

More Street Food

I managed to snap a few yummy looking bites, but cannot find the correct names for them all, much less taste them. Another battle for another day. I can't wait for tomorrow. ;)

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