Sunday, July 6, 2008


Vegetarian Terrine
Butter Florets, Original & Basil

Mumbai, a crowded, chaotic, crazy, clustophobic cocoon of a city, all things so un-Cariño-like. How then do you explain my infatuation with the city, or the country for that matter? Mayhaps it's the beauty beneath the madness, though you never need to dig too deep, or in this case, search too far and wide. All you need is a good guide to show you where to look. Cue to baby G. ;)

Indigo Restaurant is among the Top 60 best restaurants of the world as per US Conde Nast, and it is not hard to see why. A quick left turn from the bustling workday buzz of main Colaba Road leads to an oasis, calm and quiet, a fine dining French-Indian fusion restaurant housed in a bungalow set amidst palm trees and (quasi) wide open spaces (hard to come by, here in Mumbai, hey it rhymes! Ah-hem, as we were.)

I love the bread basket, or more specifically, the colorful butter florets, so pretty I almost couldn't bear to eat it. Almost. Baby G and I finished 2 servings of the normal / basil flavored spread. The bread was dry but the butter saved the day.

The terrine is the best I have ever had, the composite constructed with layers of CHEESE. Straight to the good stuff, these guys know what they're doing, and they definitely know their clientèle.

Gorgonzola Risotto

Another item we picked, with little expectation of surprise. I have tried real risotto. I mean an eaten-in-a-fancy-smancy mama-mia!-pricy Italian restaurant kind of risotto, so that bar has been set. And of all places, I did not expect it to be met, much less raised, here in the Orient, here in India.

I was blissfully wrong. While the Italian original is cheezy and lusciously heavy, think Moomba cheezy luscious heavy, Indigo's take is easily the winner for me. It's light and fresh tasting with surprising gems of juicy corn and crispy fried shallots. To cap it off, this being Indian infused, curry laced the dish without overpowering it. We likes it. We likes it a lot.

Zucchini Cake with PB Ganache

Zucchini Cake coz I'm currently obsessed with the idea, learning about it from Chocolate & Zucchini's amazing blog, and was excited about finding this in Indigo. Unfortunately I couldn't make out the plant too much, but the PB Ganache was good. When is PB never good? :)

So far everything was different and delightful, this gem of a place is very well worth exploring if you ever get the chance. All you need is a good guide.

Lovely Surprise

Just when we though the all surprises have been revealed, we returned to the room to find a lovely dessert platter, compliments of the hotel. Nearest to the camera is red wine pear, another dish I read about but never tried. *hangs head in shame*

A exciting day and a perfect nightcap after, I'm all syched up for tomorrow. Nights, ya 'all.

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