Sunday, December 27, 2009

Deep Chocolate Cream

Deep Chocolate Cream

A toast, to my first attempt at PH's Desserts! Here's how it went.

Gather The Troops

As you can see the ingredient list is rather straight forward, as was the entire process. A nice, slow and steady start to my learning curve, much welcomed.

Yolks & Sugar Beaten To Ribbon Stage

Milk & Luscious Heavy Cream Simmering Away

At this stage, the butter and sugar mix goes in for another gentle simmer.

Half The Warm Mix Into The Chocolate Chips

The Rest In & Stirred Up Good

Pour, Chill & Set

Taste Test: The cream was good, but instead of the strong, dark, bittersweet chocolate as instructed in the book, I went ahead and used semi sweet chocolate chips. Why the diversion? Coz they were on half price. Never said I wasn't cheap.

Now, if you should do the same, please, for the sake of your kidneys, lipids and blood sugar levels, half the amount of sugar you use. I found mine too sweet for my taste, although my testers rather enjoyed the sugary treat. Ah well, nothing better to reel them in for the ride.


me said...

what is PH in "A toast, to my first attempt at PH's Desserts!"

Looks like moose. looks nice. Kenny and I made peanut butter no bake dessert. Just add water.

Little Chef said...

Pierre Herme. If you have been faithfully following my posts you would know.
Mousse. My dessert doesn't have horns.
Am glad you like it though.
Peanut butter...mmm...