Saturday, February 13, 2010

Apple Galette Part 1: Twenty Hour Apples

Simple Ingredients, Great Flavors

I'm making Apple Galette, a 2 part project consisting of buttery puff pastry enveloping the stars within: 20 Hour Apples. Not as daunting as it sounds, still, no time to chat, we begin!

Ingredients Prepped

Melt the butter, slice the apples, zest the orange and save the juice for breakfast (none needed here).

Building Flavors

The 20 Hour apple is a very straight forward dish, really. Once your ingredients are prepped, all that's left is an assembly job so simple you can train a donkey to do.

  1. Lay apples in thin layer
  2. Brush on butter
  3. Sprinkle sugar
  4. Scatter zest
  5. Repeat
In The Heat

The above knowledge I can impart, my young caterpillars. Patience, I cannot. For this you need a sturdy mind, a quiet determination, and a Special Edition Lord Of the Ring Trilogy Extended Series box set With Deleted Scenes to help you see this through. For you see, you will need to bake this on low for a full 10 hours.

I suggest you start making this in the morning, so you can bake this through the day. Leaving this in the oven to bake overnight - not such a bright idea.


Once done, your proud pile will be reduced to a shadow of its former glory. But its quality, not quantity, we are after.

Not done yet. 20 Hours, remember? SO, we've nuked the apples to Timbukto and back, now it's time to cool the bad boys down. Another 10 hours in the chill chest, just in time for bed, after a long day of baby sitting the oven making sure nothing burns.

Gems Sweet Gems

The result, my friends, is the sweetest apple candy you'll ever taste. Orange flavored apples, in my case, coz I went crazy with the zest again. Not that I mind, the flavors were balanced, sweet and slightly tart, so long as you can keep from snacking them off in one sitting, these will serve you well when we apply them to the Apple Galette later in the week.

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