Saturday, February 20, 2010

Apple Galette Part 2: Emsemble

Parcels Of Tasty Morsels

Assembly work ahead, folks. Ready, steady, go.

Sun Shining Treats Ahead

Ingredient list is short, no doubt thanks to the good people who brought ready made puff pastry to the masses. I am by no means apologetic for using store bought here, heck even the professionals recommend it. As far as I'm concerned they taste just as good as the freshly made ones you get at fine baking establishments. Thing is, I'm hungry, and the sooner I get to savor the finished product, the better.

Nothing A Little Rum Can't Fix

Best thing about alcohol: their low freezing points. With no rolling pins around, any big bottle will do, as good grace and luck would have it, I happened to have an ice cold bottle of rum waiting to be drank. I mean rolled with.

If vodka is your poison, use it. Stick a bottle in the deep freeze, and as soon as they are cold enough (read: when your fingers adhere to the bottle and peeling them off sans skin is the only way to free them) that's when you want it. The low low temperature keeps the dough cold and the butter layers from melting. That's how you avoid appetizingly greasy pastries, and get a crisp mouthful in every bite.

Laid Out Bare

So, roll and roll until the dough is 2-3mm thick. The thinner the resistance between me and the insides I'm gunning for, the better.


To keep your pastry down when they hit the hot oven. Preheating as we speak.

Paint, Plonk, Phold

I had to half the amount of filling I put on, greedy as I was there wasn't enough pastry to cover each galette otherwise. Leaving sufficient room around the filling is critical, we do not want any explosions or leakages here, every last apple piece must be contained, to be steamed in their juicy pockets for optimal flavor.

Raw...& Ready

Funny how the ugly dumpling becomes a shining beauties when baked. I love the height, the neat squaress-ness of each piece when they're baked to golden brown perfection.

I'm Smiling

Why? Coz the apple galettes were spot on. The apples' spices and orangy aromas were more pronounced after a day in the fridge and a while more in the oven, and the pastry was crisp and shell thin, just the way I like it.



Anonymous said...

beautiful galettes

your sister said...

looks nice, but i didn't get the chance to eat one

your sister said...

looks nice, but i didn't get a chance to eat one