Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dainty Almond Cups


Can you tell what this is? I won't blame you if you can't. It may not look like much (or anything, really) but looks can be deceiving, my friends. Read on to find out more.

Wet & Dry Ingredients

The ingredients are deceptively simple, as are most of PH's recipes which I've tried to date. And like many of his recipes, there lies a secret weapon, in this case, it's marzipan.

First Comes Egg, Next Comes Melted Butter

The steps read almost as straight forward as the ingredient list, however it wasn't without a challenge, mainly incorporating the egg into the crumbled marzipan, that took almost forever, and for the longest time, all I had was a clobbered mess that refused to come together.

But you persist, my friends, you do not give in. When your shoulders are aching and your back is sore, you keep on stirring. When your fingers blister and you can no longer feel your arms, you keep on stirring. Your blood, skin and tears will pay off, when finally the stubborn matters come together to play nice. Until then, you stir.

When the tears have dried and the marzipan and egg form a smooth paste, your melted butter goes in, without a fight. Coz he's seen what you're capable of doing.

From Gloppy To Smooth

The almost-final mixture then gets an overnight chilling while you recover your strength.

Thick, Gooey Goodness

From runny to thick and gooey, there can be no greater satisfaction. Until you bake the mix, of coz.

Step By Step

Mini muffin cups, lightly oiled, filled to the brim, topped with nuts, into the oven it all goes.

Dainty With A Skirt

I gotta say, the almond cups were pretty, and pretty yummy too. A little wet on the inside, it did not come away from the paper as cleanly as I would have liked it to. If I ever make this again, I may add some ground almond to help it hold its shape. An otherwise praiseworthy attempt by my books. :)

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somehow the raw version looks nicer....