Sunday, April 18, 2010

Triotsky Most

Window View

Another lovely find, courtesy of the Lonely Planet, is Triotsky Most. Sitting prettily along a canal, next to the Trinity Bridge and overlooking a neighbourhood park, vegetarianism doesn't get anymore Zen-like than this.

With its eclectic mix of Georgian, Indian, Italian and of coz Russian specialities, we were spoilt for choice, in which case we referred to the tried and tested Chef's Recommendation. Top on the list was their killer lasagna.

Over exposed picture aside, the lasagna was cooked perfectly, crispy pastry case, creamy filling and a tart salad to balance out the richness, it was better than the meat versions I have tried in some Italian restaurants.

Risotto Rolls & Pasties

The Risotto Rolls were filled with perfectly cooked rice, slightly creamy but still al dente, seasoned with a good amount of chilli, fried till crispy and served with a unique and savoury bean sauce. The pasties, filled with chilli con "carne" worked a treat with the handmade salsa dressing.

No two dishes taste alike, a problem with many (lazy) vegetarian eateries, which is what made this place stand out for me. And very reasonably priced from $3 - $7 for mains, this one's a winner.

The Feast

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