Saturday, November 24, 2007

London in 3 Days & Back...Blimy!

I took a quick trip to London recently, another great first for me. & flying in Business, we mean Business, baby! Forget the extended leg room, enhanced personal space & leading edge technology, I'm in it for the in flight food, & Why? Pray tell! you ask. Coz the menu was created by none other than the Great Man Himself, The Big Kahuuna, my ManGod, Gordon Ramsay.

A quick low down on my lunch...

Salad of Scallops & Baby Leaves

Main Course
Panfried Seabass on warm poached Asparagus

Cheese Course, of coz

Biscuits & Tea (Or A Frothy Cappuccino for me)

Ever been served so many scrumptious Truffles on a plate?!?

For dinner, I went with the Japanese Keiseki meal, which evoked a knowing smile of approval from the steward. I have never tried Keiseki before & he was very pleased with my choice. I soon learned why.

A kaleidoscope of colors, spring on a plate. Every portion was distinct in flavor & texture. Designed to satisfy without over stuffing I could not find a dish I wasn't pleased with. Who knew, one of the best Japanese meal I have ever had, was on a Plane. To London. God bless globalization.

Another cheese course, before the landing.

And dinner later that evening...

Gnocchi Gratin.

This dish was well made on all counts: I love gnocchi, when done right, they are chewy without being too dense and heavy; I love cheese (if you haven't gathered by now) and the gnocchi was blanketed amply in the thick, creamy cheesy sauce for the gnocchi to soak up; I love anything prepped in baking dish (similar to claypot) which keeps the dish warm and adds that homely, wholesome dimension to the dining experience.

After Meal Chocs & Palmiers

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