Saturday, November 24, 2007

London...Day 2 & Munching

Innocent in Winter Hats...I couldn't resist

Vegetarian Brekkie

I am in London to attend a seminar, and had a good breakfast jump start my system. Vegetarian English breakfast, with soy sausage and bacon. The sausage was good, the bacon, like the real bacon I disagree with, reminded me of tree bark, not that I ever had to try one, till this morning anyway. But hey, all else was...alright.

It would've been cool if they had vegetarian "eggs" as well.

Onto the seminar, a 3 day, all day event.

Dessert Plate

Cheese Platter

Gosh! I absolutely love this about the English way of dining, they finish every meal with cheese, and for the first time, I am happy to choose this over desserts.

Chips & Chilli

I was eager to try the local cuisine, and pub food is the way to go. Found a charming one packed to the doors, always a good sign, and ventured in.

Chips and Chilli was...alright, like a Mexican version of chips. Not English.

Toad in a Hole

Oh this is a gem of a find, Toad in a Hole, now this name I recognize. The serving was huge, sausage flavorful, veggies cooked with care, (unlike the usual boil and toss in treatment most sides are given), and the yokeshire pudding holding them all in, light, moist on the inside, crisp on the out. I am pleased with what I've seen and tried so far.

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