Saturday, November 24, 2007

London...Day 3 In the Big Smoke & Still Soaking It All In

Last day in London, and though I am all for trying new things, sometimes revisiting the good ol' familiar does it for me too, so it's back to my friendly neighborhood pub. (It's more of a franchise than an organic pub, I reckon, but hey, if the local crowd keeps going back then so will I.)

Steak & Ale Pie

Solid chunks of meat I love that I could taste the Guniness strong and sound.

Apple & Rhuburb Cobbler, with Cinnamon Ice Cream

...but of coz...

Every road trip starts and ends with a good cuppa, and by now I figured London to be a tea drinking city. So where's the one place I can find salvation furthest away from the city but still within? The airport, of coz. I'll take it anyway, anywhere. Ah, good one.

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