Friday, December 21, 2007

Latest Recipe, KL

Le Meridian's flagship restaurant was recently revamped and renamed Latest Recipe. The setting is grand and the spread follows the latest trend in restaurant buffets, spotting Japanese, Chinese, Indian, grill, live cooking, dessert stations and the likes.

What stands out in this particular buffet is the tapas style appetizers that you pick and plate onto equally quaint Japanese trays.

Sitting Pretty

Each plate held the perfect serving size and a tasty mouthful. Needless to say it was
very easy to polish off the plate(s) without feeling uncomfortably stuffed.



Satisfied with the food and service, baby G and I went back for dinner the same day, this time for their ala carte.

Mushroom Soup

Warm Mushroom Salad

A medley of mushrooms, fortunately they tasted very different. I especially liked the salad, with the mushrooms lightly grilled and dressed to preserve their unique flavors.

Seafood Squid Ink Pasta

Ooo...squid ink pasta, something I always try when I get the chance, coz it looks so different from the usual, it just have to taste different too, you'd think? Unfortunately it regular pasta. It has a denser texture than most but no hint of the ink they get their pigmentation from. Still, it was a good dish, with fresh seafood and a light cream sauce. My favorite part of this dish, hidden at the corner right of this pic, is the slivers of fried garlic, adding sweetness and fragrance which lifted the dish and made it the highlight of the meal for me.

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