Friday, December 21, 2007

Of Lemons & Truffles

Lemon Lime Madeline Muffins

I did some spontaneous bakin' and cookin' this weekend, starting with simple lemon madelines, recipe courtesy of Michel Richard's "Happy in the Kitchen", followed by some extravagant truffle omeletts.

Take a close look the the pic above, can you tell the book from the real thing? Mine are the ones on the left. :) Awesome-o!I discovered Michel Richard's book last weekend and was intrigued by his ingenuity and original take on every aspect of food preparation, from his raspberry salami to his strawberry chips. In his book his selflessly discloses the secrets to his creations and tips on getting the same results from home.

I tried one of the most basic recipes in the book, Lemon Lime Madeline Muffins. Slightly modified bu omitting the lime,these babies were moist, tangy and probably the best madelines ever borne from my oven. Needless to say I am very pleased.

Summer Truffles

Baby G got me some lovely summer truffles; along with the saffron I got from Paris some time back, they are now the greatest gems in my fridge.

Determined to bring out the best and make the most of this expensive delicacy, I did my legwork and read up copiously on the best way of preparation. Simplest of all was truffle omelette. Simply whisk them with eggs, light seasoning, and my secret ingredient, yogurt, for a creamy texture.

Truffle Omelette

Once cooked to a runny consistency, I lightly drizzled truffle infused olive oil around the omelette, and viola! Truffle omelette with truffle oil!

Truffle Trio

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