Friday, December 21, 2007

Little Bites, KL

Braised Beef with Noodles in Light Broth

Quick bites at the airport lounge before my flight to Kuala Lumpur. Gone are the days of day-old cucumber sardies and stale coffee; I had some pretty decent fare tonight. First was the appetizer of Japaneses braised beef which was light, flavorful and very healthily packed with veg.

Pan Fried Salmon with Fettucini

Next up, the salmon. I adore this fish to no end and though my default choice of execution is to have it rare, this cut was cooked to my satisfaction nonetheless. The fillet had a light, crisp crust and a delightfully pink, almost rare center. The fettucine was cooked al dente in a light cream sauce and again served with very healthy broccoli and carrot slices.

Why the sudden obsession with healthy fare? Well, it just happened to be made this way. In any case, I was soon to tilt the swing back to balance with a meal at the Luna Bar.

Luna Bar at Pacific Regency

Located at the Pacific Regency, this rooftop enclave held a pool, jacuzzi and bar. Around the bars were private dining, erm, boxes that stuck out of the sides of the building. With full length glass walls and ceiling, they give diners the illusion of being suspended in mid air, offering an unobstructed view of the city and the very far off ground below. I stayed as far away from the edge as I could, indulging instead at the bikini clad couples bubbling away in the jacuzzi. Not that they turned me on, they just kept my stomach down.

Luna Bites

Food at such digs are usually sub standard, unmemorable and unmentionable, probably to keep the limelight on the hip setting and chic crowd. But not so with this place. With no open kitchen, food has to be prepared at the Olive Lounge, the main restaurant of the Pacific, yet apart from the wait, this arrangement had no detriment on the food to come.

We had garlic toasts with various dips (toasts were fragrant, dips well seasoned), onion rings ("meaty" and the largest I have ever seen, these O's were co-O-lossal!) and mini wagyu burgers with chips.

I do not profess to be a burger connoisseur, but I had my expectations for the wagyu's. Sad to say they were far from being the best on the (pool) table. The patties were a tad on the dry side, and they tasted, well, ordinary. If put to the blindfold test, I honestly wouldn't have been able to tell them from the next BK. They were saved by the large chips though, and of coz, the view. :)

Rooftop View of the City

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