Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gone Bananas: Round 1

Do You See?

As you can see, I've gone bananas.
Uninspiring pun aside, I have dug this old project up, posted it for all to see, and hopefully inspire some to do better than I have here. :P

Cue To The Cake!

The tiny date imprints on the pictures will reveal that they were taken some 3 long years ago, hence the puzzling looking outcome. Back in the day, the baking vessel was a humble toaster oven (read: toaster, so-not-equals-to oven) which heats up to a limited temperature (despite what the deceiving packaging and slick salesman may claim), and allows for near-to-nothing heat circulation.

The result, my friends, is a lovingly assembled mixture steaming at a low temperature, not baking at a rockin' high, and magically transformed from a hopeful cake to a dismal pudding. Refer to exhibits above and below.

Game For Banana Pudding, Anyone?

In all fairness (to me), the pudding did not taste as bad as it looked. In fact, it tasted pretty good. For A Pudding. Can't say I wasn't bitter about it, but as they say: What won't kill you will make you stronger. And determined to get things done right.

What results is a banana project, a resolution if you will, to succeed at what should be a fairly easy cake to master. In the weeks to come you will witness (with hope and good faith in thyself) evolution before your eyes, as I strive to do justice to this elementary bastion of baking, from humble beginnings to the full glory it deserves, and hopefully not go bananas in the process!

Stay tuned.

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