Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gone Bananas: Round 2

Hey Good Lookin'
So whaddayathink? We're making good progress eh?
I'm back with a vengeance, a new recipe and a brand new hubbahubba hunk of metal, a DeLonghi Sfornatutto EO-3835 model with 2,000 watt horse power, pivoting grill for easy cleaning, 120 minute timer for programmable cooking time, adjustable thermostat from 60 to 240 °C, internal light, automatic shut-off and ready bell, 3 cooking functions for personalized cooking needs: convection over, keep-warm setting and roasting spit, and complimentary crumb tray, wire rack, bake pan and roasting tray.

Now we're talking.

Adapted from the biblical
Cook's Book I have produced, from said oven, a decent batch of muffins which I believe should redeem myself from the shame I have brought upon my family with my previous attempt at this.

Healthy Hunk Of A Loaf

So confident was I that I made 2 batches of the recipe, one into the obligatory loaf, and the other to mini muffins, just coz I have them cute mini muffin tins and just coz I love them cute mini muffins. You will feel a little less guilty devouring 2, or 20, of these cute mini muffins then you would a hearty slice, lightly toasted and slathered with a generous helping of butter, wouldn't you? ;)

Standing Tall & Proud

I'm pleased with the way these turned out today, but I hesitate to post the recipe here, not for trying to be retain bragging rights, but coz I just know, in my cute mini muffin stuffed guts, that I can do even better.

Stay tuned. Again.

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Anonymous said...

looks preeettyy dry. could add more milk. oil. ghee.

From not-your-sister