Saturday, January 9, 2010

Coconut Domes

Crowning Glories

Fresh from my early victories I proceeded to attempt not 1 but 2 desserts this week, both full of coconutty goodness. First up, Coconut Domes.

As you can see from said picture above, these are not domes, but rather classy, oblong shaped torpedoes. Because domes are boring, and my teaspoon came in such a shape that made measuring the mix out possible only when pushed along the groove. But what fantastic looking domes it created in the process.

Humble Ingredients

If you live on a chicken and cow farm, you can easily gather the above 4, count them, 4 ingredients for this dessert, with the exception of the desiccated coconut, for that you would need a well stocked supermarket near your chicken and cow farm. Oh and sugar. You will require the presence of a sugar plantation as your next door neighbor for that one.

Little Coconut Boats

This is a fairly standard cook by numbers dessert. Warm the milk until simmering, pour it into a bowl with the others, stir to combine and dissolve the sugar, cool and chill overnight.

The fragrance that emits from the bowl when the warm milk hits the coconut is tropically divine. I'm not nuts about coconuts, but the smell is soul warmingly yummy, reminding me of the Chinese New Year cookies that are due just around the corner.

Why the rest, I do not know, but this makes an easy prep ahead dessert, handy to have in your repertoire for those rude, uninvited and unexpected house guests. So be grateful.

Baked Beauties

Out of the freezer and straight into the oven for a quick flash, and the domes are ready to go.

Taste Test: As promised, the coconut flakes browned nicely to provide a warm, festive crust and the insides stayed chewy, moist and coconutty yummy. A breeze, this one.

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