Saturday, January 16, 2010

Coconut Tuiles

Tuiles Galore

The Coconut Tuiles uses the same ingredients as the Domes, sans 1 variation: melted butter in place of the warm milk, as these were to be flattened and baked, and the larger surface area in contact with the baking parchment meant extra lube required.

Mixed & Ready To Go

Once again, melt the butter, pour it into the mix to melt the sugar, and place in a bowl to chill overnight. At this point, the fragrance of the coconut fills the air, and the kitchen is a happy place once more.

Sized & Shaped For The Oven

This time, I used a teaspoon instead of the tablespoon for the Domes, and flattened the little balls of coconutty goodness into little discs. The butter in the mix helps prevent it from sticking to my fingers, a good thing, as it prevented me from licking off more of the mix then I already did.
Festive Coconut Party

Ah butter glorious butter. It browns the discs to an alluring sunset gold and keeps it from sticking to the parchment. The still warm discs were quickly and deftly folded over to create the tuiles shape of their namesake, and as you can see I also took some liberty with the shapes and made petals of them, which I found simply made them more irresistible then they already are.

Taste Test: Light, crispy, warm and nutty, another keeper, this one.

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ZJ said...

no better friend to coconut than butter!