Saturday, August 9, 2008

Happy Birthday, Me!

Goodness Gracious Glorious Chocolate Cake

It was me Birthday and Baby G, returning from a biz trip in the Philippines, brought me a cake from way back there. :) He does this every year and every year, I'm moved by the trouble he takes. I'm also amazed at his feat. Entrust me with a cake on a flight and we will disembark as one, if you get my drift. :P

And a cake of this caliber, oh my! Dense, heavy, sor-lidly chocolatey, leaving no space for air bubbles, and topped with dollops of whipped cream, not that it needed additional richness, but the cake becomes more luxurious as a result.

It's a Sachertorte, to be more precise, though the hint of apricot jam does not distract the chocolate from doing its job, that is, making this the best cake I've had this year. :)

Happy Birthday, me!


Anonymous said...

If it's really u as i was told,
Aunt Josie says "Happy Birthday!".

Cariño said...

Thanks Aunt Josie! Yes it's really me! :)