Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Ode to Coffee

Triple Shot Cappuccino With Cinnamon

In a perfect world, I'd start off each day with a perfect drink, one so good it is fit for the Gods. Well, my world ain't perfect, but each morning, before the madness starts, I get my stolen moment of paradise, where nothing matters but me and my coffee.

I am blessed to be in a company with an in house cafe, where they procure the top of the roast beans, installs a state of the art, oh so pretty in shining silver monster of a coffee machine, employs a skill of a ninja barrister, and the result is heavenly bliss in a fine porcelain cup.

I am hooked to this stuff. It is whoop-ass killer good, the raison d'être for my being,the key to my sanity, the only thing keeping me from walking about in a manic depressive state terrorizing every creature in my path.

The coffee is strong with minimal water added, so it's straight to the good stuff. The foam is light yet substantial in body; eaten with a spoon, it is the closest you will ever get to having warm ice cream. Perfectly balanced in aroma and taste, this divine cappuccino is so satisfying, in my books it is no mere beverage, but food for my soul.

From Left: Americano, Iced Latte, Cappuccino

Afternoons treats, more good stuff.

Macchiato with Tiramisu Donut

This is my new afternoon favorite, triple shot (yes, never less) Macchiato. Donut's optional, and you know I don't like fried foods, but this had tiramisu creme filling (read: more coffee) thus a perfect pairing. But on its own, the Macchiato is all I ask for.

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