Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh! Pierre Herme!!

Revelation & Tarte Mogador

I Have Waited 10 Years For This Day. For the One True Master, The Legend and Living Legacy. He is here. He is Pierre Herme.

When Singapore's annual World Gourmet Summit announced PH as one of the hosts of a Master Class, I made darn sure to get my smitten ass a seat there. Oh I am so proud of my entry tag like a chosen one with the Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. I was 3rd to report for the class, 1st into the auditorium (elbow shoving some old ladies outta my way -- just kidding), and sat smack in the middle of the very first row with books, notes, camera and undying adoration in tow. And I waited with baited breath for my great idol to make his appearance.

Revelation made by PH Himself

When he finally went up on stage, I was gobsmacked. He was barely 2 meters away! This guy whose biblical "Desserts" and "Chocolate" cookbooks lured me into the pastry world and made it my passion, was before me in person!

With an unassuming air about him, he patiently went through 2 of his latest creations, Revelation and Tarte Mogador. The first one is like a deconstructed mille fille, with olive and tomato as the key ingredients. Ingenious, a dessert version of an Italian salad. He spent more time on this than its chocolate counterpart, no matter, a fascination to behold as the maestro went to work.

Tomato Puff Pastry, Tomato & Strawberry Compote,
Mascarpone Olive Oil Cream, Dried Black Olive

After the class we had a tasting session of both desserts and they were pretty good. It may be my untrained taste buds failing to raise to the challenge, for I could not make out the tomato addition of the puff pastry, nor the unique formula of 3 different and distinctly flavored vanilla beans used in Revelation. Tarte Mogador was rich and deep, but not unlike good chocolate desserts should be.

Disappointed? Not really. For once, really folks, just once, I was not there to eat. I was there to ogle at the one man who steered my life in a different direction, who has given me a passion that enriched my life with both purpose and enjoyment, and meeting him up close (and hogging his attention after the class to shake his hand, bombard him with my kabillion questions and photo taking requests, and finally, securing his autograph on my "Desserts" book) rejuvenated me with inspiration and hope that maybe, just barely maybe, I can make it as a pastry chef one day.

Revelation At Mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore

No good PH fan would ever pass up a chance to taste his wares, so the night before the Masterclass, Baby G and I begged and coerced our way with the Maitra d'of Mezza9 to secure a table at the last minute.

Not knowing what to expect in the Master Class, we ordered the most unique sounding item on the PH created dessert menu, Revelation. (And what a revelation it was to see it in the class the next day! Haha, oh my sense of humor.)

It tasted a lot like a sweet and cooling salad. That time, I could not make out the puff pastry to be tomato flavored, hence my repeated disappointed the next day when I again failed to do the same. IT was the olives that stood out for me.

Dessert Ispahan
Ispahan ~ Rose Flavored Macaron Biscuit,
Rose Petal Cream With Raspberries & Lychees.
Sorbet Ispahan ~ Lychee, Rose Petal Aromas & Raspberry Sorbet

This was my preferred dessert, mostly coz for the first time, I had macaron that did not do me over with the sugar overdose. It was meltingly fragrant with rose and I could make out the almonds in the taste and texture, and the icy aromatic lychee sorbet complimented the Ispahan and capped the evening for me.

While I take leave to continue swooning, I leave you with the remainder of PH's offerings that night.

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