Sunday, August 24, 2008

Siam Paragon, Central World, Breeze At State Tower

Colorful Rice At Siam Paragon

Today, I did as the Thais do. I hit the shopping haunts of Siam Square, not for want of a shopping spree as much as the need to escape the heat. First up, Siam Paragon. Or more specifically, the food basement.

The great find of the morning: colorful rice. Oh the little things that tickle me. They came in hues of rosy pink, deep-sea indigo, pea-sy green and sunshine gold. They also come in 2 versions, normal and glutinous, and are naturally dyed from plant pigments, no artificial enhancements here. I can't wait to get them home and cook them!

Thai Fried Carrot Cake

Next stop, Central World. They've got a food court set like the ones in Singapore malls, offering similar fare as well. I had the local fried carrot cake, and found their version more gelatinous (think or-luck, or oyster omelette), with a healthy serving of veggies and very spicy chilli at the side. Something I strongly recommend we incorporate into our version.

Desserts At Yaowarat

Done with the food court on the top floor, I ventured to the basement and found dessert at Yaowarat. They've got the usually expensive bird's nest going for Bht100, about...$2 in Singapore?

Bean Curd & Fritters In Ginger Syrup

I opted for something more humane and local, bean curd and fritters (again, just like Singapore's tau huay and you tiao) in ginger syrup. Love the syrup which wasn't too sweet, love the kick from the ginger.

Delectable Desserts

Their food basements here are massive, with local and international delights as far as the eye can see. Here's something very French, very exquisite...I would like to be able to make these some day... :)

Condiments & Small Bites, Breeze

Many Thanks to Lonely Planet for tonight's dinner choice, Lebua at State Tower. We made our way there with hopes of dining at the 63rd floor, world's highest al fresco restaurant, the Mediterranean Sirocco. Alas! To be turned away at the entrance coz the rain has made al fresco dining out of the question.

Fortunately, Sirocco was not the only available dining choice at Lebua. Few feet down at 52nd was Breeze, an Asian restaurant.

Vegetarian Dim Sum Basket

This has got to be the best veggie dim sum I've ever had. 3 uniquely filled and flavored dumplings (mushroom, chives and radish), folded into colorful dumplings, served steaming hot and absolutely delish!

Spinach Tofu & Yee Fu Noodles

The hand made spinach tofu was soft and flavorful, and the yee fu noodle was made with Japanese udon in place of the usual Chinese variaty. Both were good, but my fave would definitely have to be the dumplings, followed by the colorful shot glasses of cordiments and honey walnuts. :P

I've managed to see and taste a lot of what Bangkok has to offer, from simple and hearty street food to classy and tastefully plated fine dining fare. My verdict? This bustling, crazy, hot and happening city is well worth a visit at least once in your lifetime.

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